frequently asked questions

Q: What makes your bakery different?
A: INGREDIENTS | We're a boutique bakery that makes everything from scratch to order using high quality all natural ingredients - everything from quality chocolates to real dairy butter and only unbleached flours. You won't find any high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or added preservatives in our kitchen either! 

 PERSONALIZED SERVICE | Creating a wonderful experience is our number one goal - from the first time we chat over the phone or via email, to your in person tasting to the minute you bite into that first dessert - we want to make sure each interaction is just as sweet! 

CUSTOMIZATION | We love creating unique designs and custom desserts for your wedding or special event, so the dessert options and flavors are endless! We're happy to use your wedding dress lace or wedding colors as inspiration in designing your cake; or even add your own custom message for the perfect wedding / party favor or corporate gift.

ALLERGEN FRIENDLY | We also offer Gluten Free*, Whole Grain, Non Dairy and Vegan sweets. All our allergen friendly sweets are made with natural substitutes to create the most delicious confections that everyone can enjoy, without any artificial replacements.
*Please note we don't bake in a certified Gluten or Allergen Free kitchen, so our flourless items may include trace amounts of gluten. These sweets are made with special allergen precautions, however we don't recommend consumption for anyone with severe allergies.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We currently bake out of a shared commercial kitchen located in Vista, California { North County San Diego }, but service all of San Diego County, Temecula, Orange County and are available to travel for delivery.

Q: Can I pick up desserts today?
A: Unfortunately since we don't currently have a storefront location, we only bake to order, so desserts must be ordered in advance.

Q: Do you offer wholesale cookies or desserts?
A: Unfortunately at this time we have put our wholesale program on hold in order to continue to expand our growing wedding department. If this is something you're interested in please feel free to contact us to be put on our list for any near future changes.

general questions

weddings + special events

Q: What is your Wedding Order Minimum? 

A: We only accept a select number of events each weekend to ensure each one receives the attention it deserves. Also, because we don't currently have a storefront location and bake around the clock, your order is made just for you from start to finish, so we currently have a minimum of $800 for wedding cakes, $700 for artisan packaged cookie favors and a $1,500 minimum for wedding cakes + favors. Mini desserts bar minimum is $1,400. Wedding cake + package cookie favors + mini desserts bar is a minimum of $2,000. Please contact us and we'll send you a tasting form with our full list of offerings and price minimums.

Please note, as of 2023 we will no longer be offering mini desserts or other event cakes below these minimums.

**Minimums subject to change during holiday weeks / months.

Q: Do you offer Wedding Cake Tastings?
A: Yes! Please feel free to get in touch through our website 'Contact' page and we'd be happy to send over our tasting packet including current cake + dessert tasting flavors, tasting location and any costs. 

**Please note as of March 2020, we're currently only offering to-go tasting box pick ups. You're welcome to schedule a pick up with us, taste on our own and then we're happy to chat afterwards on the phone &/or email with any questions you may have or to brainstorm ideas!

Q: How long do tastings normally last?
A: Tastings can be as quick as 20 minutes or up to a full hour depending on the designs and desserts you may be interested in. If you already have a cake design in mind, your tasting might just include choosing a flavor(s) and answering any questions you may have or if you're unsure of your design and would like to talk about different elements and options for dessert bars, styled set ups and packaged favors we may fill the full hour. Or if you have any time constraints, please feel free to let us know beforehand and we're happy to make sure we stay on time!

You're welcome to bring any reference photos to your tasting or email them to us beforehand if you'd like to explore more options. We're also happy to look at different reference photos at your tasting.

Q: How many people can I bring to my tasting?
A: Our standard tastings are designed for two guests. If you'd like to bring other guests, we're happy to accommodate your party size with advance notice. Please note this in your tasting packet and we can allot the proper amount of additional desserts for your guests.

Q: Can we pick up a tasting box from you instead?
A: Yes, this is something we offer to our couples traveling from out of town. If your schedule is limited and/or we don't have your preferred tasting day/time available this can be an option so that you're still able to taste our sweets while you're visiting. You can pick up a tasting box from us by appointment, enjoy your tastings on your own and we can chat over the phone or via email afterwards about any questions or ideas you may have. We just ask that you please make sure to taste all your desserts as soon as possible after pick up and make sure to taste all cakes at room temperature.

**Please note as of March 2020, this is our only tasting option due to COVID-19. You're welcome to schedule a pick up with us, taste on our own and then we're happy to chat afterwards on the phone &/or email with any questions you may have or to brainstorm ideas!

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Absolutely! We recommend delivery of all wedding orders including cakes of 2 tiers or more to ensure proper transportation. Pick up may also be available depending on the types of desserts. Delivery fees are calculated based on location and may vary depending on time and day of the week. 

Q: Do you offer cake stands &/or dessert bar rentals?
A: Yes! We offer both single wedding cake stands and full dessert bar rental packages. We highly recommend including these to help turn your dessert table into a absolutely stunning centerpiece for your reception or event. Cake stands elevate your cake by giving it a little bit of added height with an extra special presentation. Full dessert bar rentals may include everything from modern ivory box risers or vintage wood crates for added dimension to cake pedestals, plates, platters, bowls and dessert bar signs.

We also offer full dessert bar set up + styling and also return to your venue for pick up either after your reception or the following day. Single cake stands may be returned to us by appointment.

Q: What else could I add to my dessert bar?
A: Fresh flowers are the perfect pop of color and fresh touch that helps accent any dessert table. It's the perfect addition to tie in a little bit more of your wedding colors and make sure your dessert table is an even more memorable part of your reception or event. These can be anything from small arrangements to a couple extra buds from your florist that we can tuck in here and there. Trust us, you'll be happy you included them! You're also welcome to provide candles, other small decor or signs that match your wedding invitations. By the time we're done styling your dessert table it'll be a lovely centerpiece that guests can't wait to taste! 

Q: Do you make custom special event + birthday cakes?
A: Unfortunately this is not something we're currently offering due to the high demand for wedding cakes.